Tandem's Beginning

The introduction to why we started this thing

Everyone – hi – welcome!

This is Tandem’s first blog post, I’m so excited.

Quickly: For those of you that don’t know me (most of you I hope…eeek), I began my career in private equity (the business of buying and selling companies). Like most career paths, I started at the bottom (seemingly stayed there forever) and was asked to perform tedious tasks. In the moment it’s easy to perceive the work as thankless and the rewards not commensurate (I certainly did). In reality though, we’re given a platform to learn and grow risk-free, preparing us to take the next step (picture a bird’s first flight out of the nest). For me that next step is an Irish exit out the backdoor.

Enter stage right: Tandem…

Tandem is a consumer fintech platform focused specifically on couples, an underserved niche in the world of financial services. Our first step? Developing an expense sharing product that bridges the gap from P2P payments (think Venmo) to a joint account. My fiancé, @Brian, and I have been roomies for four years now and have experienced this problem first-hand, one we believe is a growing theme amongst other couples – combining lives, but living financially separate. My co-founder and longtime friend, Dan, and I couldn’t be more excited to take the plunge into entrepreneurialism, tackling a problem we feel passionate about.

End of commercial.

Why now?

I’ve always known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur when the time was right. My dad has had his own business since I can remember, and I admire everything he does. Working in private equity with some wonderful founders and management teams only further solidified my desire. I found myself so inspired by how they built something from nothing. I’m confident this is the right time and right opportunity.

A very close friend recently sent me this article by @profgalloway. I found the timing funny and the words fitting. Galloway discusses how your twenties are essentially the decade to put your whole self into something and sacrifice the time while you have the energy. That there is basically no such thing as “balance”, only trade-offs. It’s a nice reminder to pursue something and pursue it wholeheartedly. “The world isn’t yours for the taking, but for the trying. Try hard, really hard.”.

As for this blog…

I have found people most often talk about building a business in reflection through a rear-view mirror, not in real-time. We have decided to share our journey largely looking forward, not backward, and give people insight into the true day-to-day. Building a company is a rollercoaster, and our goal is to be completely authentic. I’m excited to have you along for the journey…ups and downs.

If you think this is (maybe, will be) interesting, please check us out and share with your friends and family.

The ride starts now.

Keep pedaling,


P.S. I decided to name the blog in honor of my long-time idol, Elle Woods (Legally Blonde forever). I figured I owe her as much given I never attended law school or joined a sorority as planned.

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